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Rashmi Kaushal


My journey began in 2011, when I had severe Lumbar spine problem for which I was suggested to go for an Ayurvedic treatment wherein the doctor felt a lump in my right breast, which though I was aware of but didn’t take any action until then.

I was referred to a senior oncologist in Delhi followed by FNAC which reported the lump to be malignant. The news of cancer came as a jolt to me and dreadful thoughts and emotions tried to dampen my spirit. The cancer had reached 2nd stage and GRADE-3. I was taken aback but my faith in Nichiren Budhism really helped me crusade the tough journey of Lumpectomy, Chemotherapy and Radiations. I never begrudged encountering this disease. In fact my constant prayer and determination was to become healthier than before. I would earnestly take good care of my diet everyday and I made conscious efforts to follow healthy food  regime which really helped my fight against this disease.

I would even thank GOD for giving me the protection in the form of early diagnosis and remained positive focusing on the silver lining on the dark clouds.

I battled lot of pain, fatigue, but remained positive during Chemotherapy. The treatment was stressful both physically and emotionally for me and my family. Losing hair, decoloration of skin, nails, losing taste buds was traumatic but I faced it with full conviction that I will be absolutely fine after the whole treatment.

I made a firm resolve to change the poison of illness into medicine through my faith.

This journey of CANCER really changed my perspective of life and I see life in a very positive way. I was able to gift myself a new life and am determined to live a healthy life and spread happiness and inspire many who are battling this disease.  I am blessed to have such a wonderful family and my friends who stood by me through this ordeal.